Denied Insurance Claim Appeals

Unfortunately, insurance companies are quite powerful in their ability to fend off claims because they have teams of attorneys and big budgets for litigation.

Given how complicated the process of litigating insurance claims can be, the appeal process is often quite different, mainly because of its brevity.

Infrequently, a decision about insurance claims will be unfavorable and in violation of Florida Law. If the law suggests that there was an error committed in the lower tribunal, we can assist you with filing an insurance claim appeal. This is when we can show you that accomplishing positive results is the bottom line in measuring our success.

Our experience with the appellate process, our familiarity with what many appellate judges expect, and our understanding of the differences in appellate law, gives us the edge in demonstrating how we can meet the insured’s needs for representation in the insurance claim appeals process.

If you have a need to appeal a decision relating to residential or commercial property insurance, please don’t hesitate to contact Miami Insurance Law Attorney James C. Ligman PA. Our appellate division will explain the appellate process and represent you in the Court of Appeals. Let our years of all aspects of first person property insurance experience work for you.