Fraud and Misrepresentation Insurance Claims

Insureds are often surprised to learn that their claim was denied under the basis of fraud or misrepresentation.

What was initially a total surprise, quickly turns into an unsettling experience of a serious attack to credibility. Fraud and misrepresentation is alleged in many cases, but to establish fraud, concrete evidence of lies, inconsistent statements or acts of deception must be present.

Assessment of this evidence is highly subjective; therefore, fraud and misrepresentation claims require a determination of motive that the insurance representative may have misplaced. This may be due to hesitation in a response, misplaced items, or inadequate translation services.

When we evaluate an insurance claim denied under the basis of fraud or misrepresentation, we discuss the claim with you and assess the insurance claim in order to determine adequate substantiation of the denial. Collateral damage is an issue that is of foremost importance to address, since insurance applications often ask if you have ever been denied a claim on the basis of fraud. We then work to clear your reputation and ensure the maximum recovery allowed under your policy of insurance.

If you have a problem involving fraud or misrepresentation related to a residential or commercial property insurance claim, please don’t hesitate to contact South Florida Insurance Lawyer James C. Ligman PA to handle your fraud and misrepresentation insurance claims. Let our experience in all aspects of first person property insurance litigation work for you.