Insurance Agent Errors and Omissions

“My insurance agent said everything is covered under this policy,” “My insurance agent said I did not have to review the application for insurance,” “My insurance agent said . . .”  Unfortunately, insurance agents say a lot of things, however, if what they say is not in writing, you may find yourself without coverage.

One of the problems with some insurance agents is the perception that they work in your best interest when in fact they are working for their own best interest and/or the insurance company’s best interest. For example, an agent is supposed to assist an insured with filling out an application for insurance. Often, agents fail to review the application with the insured or to protect the applicant by providing answers to questions that the insurance company will not reject. 

This way, the policy is issued and the agent collects a fat commission. There is no incentive for the agent to assure the accuracy of the application since the application is (allegedly) reviewed and signed by the insured. In many cases, the agent signs the application on behalf of the insured without the insured ever seeing the application. 

Often, an insurance policy is rescinded due to misrepresentations in the application. Or, a policy is never issued due to the agent’s failure to procure the policy properly. Additionally, agents frequently procure policies that do not fully protect your assets.

We can assist you with claims against your insurance agent. However, the issues often become a “he said, she said” situation. Our best advice is to get everything in writing. Do not take the verbal assurances of your agent as being true or accurate. Confirm all conversations in writing.  

If you have a problem involving insurance agent errors or omissions with policies covering your residential or commercial property, please don’t hesitate to contact Miami Insurance Attorney James C. Ligman PA. We are highly experienced in these matters and pass on that experience to you.