Insurance Claim Litigation Attorney

We understand what you are going through when you are facing a life-changing loss after a natural disaster or serious personal property damage or loss of any kind. Few experiences are more unsettling than having your residential or commercial property partially or completely destroyed. And that experience becomes drastically worse when your insurance company declines to adequately meet your financial requirements for repair or replacement after such a loss. In some cases, insurance companies deny any type of recovery, much less a fair settlement.

This is where James C. Ligman, P.A. steps in to represent your interests, which means you can be assured that your claim is being handled by a professional. Our team of experienced attorneys and staff specialize in helping you when it is time to litigate against the insurance company to ensure that it fulfills its responsibility to provide property insurance coverage after you incur a covered loss.

Insurance claim litigation is our passion and our principal focus, resulting in a vast depth of knowledge that is difficult to find in most law practices today. Because we represent the insured and not the insurer, we pursue justice for the consumer in a particularly aggressive and highly organized fashion. We have allied ourselves with the best public insurance adjusters, estimators and appraisers to be found in the industry and encourage the utilization of their expert services when appropriate to augment our legal practice.

The team of highly qualified and experienced attorneys and staff at James C. Ligman, P.A. look forward to assisting you in securing a fair insurance settlement. Contact us today with your residential and commercial property insurance issues.