Pipe Break Insurance Claims

Pipe Break / Water Leak

The incidence of a pipe break claim, ranging from sudden and accidental leaks, to broken supply lines, hidden leaks, and broken pipes under the slab, considerably impacts your home or business.

Water leaks and spillage cause damage to cabinetry, baseboards and the flooring system, which in turn, often causes issues of mismatched flooring. Policies typically entitle insureds to “continuous items,” but these are sometimes difficult to define in today’s open plan homes.

In the event of pipe break, it’s usually necessary to hire a qualified restoration contractor as quickly as you can. Restoration contractors use moisture meters to determine the extent of the water damage and set up drying equipment to dry out effected areas. Your insurance company should cover this type of work as an emergency repair to mitigate further damage.

Our years of experience handling these pipe break and water damage insurance claims have helped insured commercial and residential property owners resolve their claims promptly and return to their normal lives through ensuring the maximum recovery within the confines of the applicable policy.

If you have a problem resolving a pipe break insurance claim at your residential or commercial property, please don’t hesitate to contact South Florida Insurance Law Attorney James C. Ligman PA. You will be gratified that our experience in all aspects of first person property insurance can be brought to bear in your insurance claim.