Theft Insurance Claims

Theft and burglary can leave you feeling both uncomfortable and helpless. After all, someone took your valuables, often leaving your home or place of business disheveled. This kind of event may also present challenges in determining the value of stolen items and/or their replacement. Recuperating or possibly replacing lost items may be daunting. Prompt reporting is essential and documenting missing items the key to ensuring that you are justly compensated for your loss.

However, matters are often complicated by coverage limitations that may jeopardize recovery. Our years of experience handling theft claims have helped commercial and residential property owners to resolve their insurance claims promptly and get things back to normal while ensuring that they make a maximum recovery within the confines of the applicable policy.

For helpful information about how to insure your home properly against all types of losses, read Prevention and Protection Ideas and Tips for Your Home or Condo and for crime statistics reports by city, including theft, visit this page.

If you have a problem with an insurance claim involving theft at your residential or commercial property, please don’t hesitate to contact Florida Insurance Law Attorney James C. Ligman PA.

Our many years of experience in all aspects of first person property insurance litigation will benefit you.